clear meaning in marathi

Word: clear
Meaning of clear in english - cloudless, bright, understandable, apparent, open, unhindered, transparent, not guilty, certain in one's mind, clean, clear away, liberate, free from uncertainty, pass over, often by jumping, profit

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sphut ( स्फुट )
Synonyms of clear
sunny fair light clarion crystal halcyon fine shining luminous pleasant shiny rainless unclouded sunshiny undarkened undimmed unambiguous precise straightforward evident simple clear-cut unequivocal explicit unmistakable distinct coherent definite obvious sharp pronounced patent plain express manifest audible comprehensible conspicuous incontrovertible intelligible knowable legible lucid palpable perceptible perspicuous readable uncomplicated unquestionable lucent apprehensible graspable loud enough open and shut recognizable spelled out transpicuous unblurred stark smooth void bare empty unlimited unobstructed vacant vacuous unimpeded unhampered thin glassy limpid pellucid pure translucent crystal clear crystalline see-through tralucent translucid stainless dismissed innocent cleared discharged blameless guiltless immaculate sinless unblemished undefiled untarnished untroubled exonerated absolved exculpated uncensurable positive sure confirmed satisfied decided convinced absolute resolved clarify erase eliminate loosen unloose tidy sweep extricate unblock refine vacate ameliorate rid cleanse brighten untie lighten disentangle unpack wipe unload purify unburden disengage disencumber lose break up rule out shake off throw off unclog burn off release acquit vindicate explain relieve emancipate let off defog disculpate find innocent let go let off the hook set free negotiate leap hurdle surmount vault overleap receive win make secure get earn gather glean acquire obtain gain accumulate net reap realize pick up
Antonyms of clear
cloudy stormy shadowy unclear ambiguous indistinct mysterious unintelligible vague congested foggy obscured culpable guilty uncertain rainy dark gloomy dim dull fuzzy blocked clogged closed hindered clouded smudged responsible inexact questionable complicated indefinite unsure equivocal concealed hidden imprecise difficult undefined mistakable filled full undecided doubtful dirty entangle corrupt pollute darken clutter condemn sentence depress upset keep load pile up find guilty hit run into blame convict incriminate accuse imprison hold charge forfeit dissuade disperse fail discourage spend plant
Identical words :
clear apprehension - pratiti ( प्रतीति )
clear daylight - sujied ( सुजिएड )
clear water - hansodak ( हंसोदक )
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