collection meaning in marathi

Word: collection
Meaning of collection in english - group, accumulation

Meanings in marathi :

stom ( स्तोम )
Synonyms of collection
selection compilation number set assemblage lot assortment store gathering crowd cluster digest combination anthology pile hoard stock levy assembly agglomeration mess company convocation kit congregation heap collation stack congeries muster batch medley omnibus stockpile mass miscellany clump acquisition quantity securing amassment assembling caboodle mobilization acquiring accumulating amassing bringing together
Antonyms of collection
individual separation
Identical words :
collection of weapons - kothalen ( कोथळें )
collection of images of deities - devhaara ( देव्हारा )
collection of many different kinds of knowledge - vidyaavali ( विद्यावळी )
collection of the sayings of nāgadev - smritisthal ( स्मृतिस्थळ )
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