completely meaning in marathi

Word: completely
Meaning of completely in english - entirely

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sulabulit ( सुळबुळीत )
Synonyms of completely
unconditionally ultimately perfectly absolutely fully altogether wholly effectively finally utterly thoroughly quite totally competently en masse exclusively extensively unabridged unanimously conclusively exhaustively comprehensively all the way from A to Z from beginning to end heart and soul hook line and sinker in all in entirety in full in toto on all counts painstakingly solidly to the end to the limit to the max to the nth degree undividedly
Antonyms of completely
partially incompletely partly
Identical words :
completely helpless - agatyaaagaty ( अगत्याअगत्य )
completely intoxicated - madamadit ( मदमदीत )
completely in sthiti a trance - stitavat ( स्तीतवत )
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