custom meaning in marathi

Word: custom
Meaning of custom in english - habitual action, ritual, traditional action

Meanings in marathi :

niti ( नीति )
Synonyms of custom
characteristic practice rule procedure fashion shot manner observance use way routine usage swim form hang-up consuetude habitude wont grind trick thing mode addiction groove precedent praxis daily grind into matter of course second nature proprieties beaten path style system policy rite method etiquette mores taste canon precept attitude design mold ceremony formality pattern performance type convention observation vogue unwritten law customariness conventionalism dictates established way folkways inheritence
Antonyms of custom
deviation divergence departure difference irregularity heedlessness thoughtlessness disorganization
Identical words :
As noun :
customer - graahik ( ग्राहिक )
customs - suunk ( सूंक )
As adjective :
customary - nimast ( निमस्त )
customer of a prostitute - vilaasi ( विळासी )
customs officer - sunki ( सुंकी )
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