dark meaning in marathi

Word: dark
Meaning of dark in english - lack of light, shaded complexion, hair, hidden, secret, grim, hopeless, evil, satanic, ignorant, angry, upset, place, time without light, ignorance, mystery

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saavalasaanval ( सावळ-सांवळ )
श्याम- वर्ण
Synonyms of dark
dim misty murky shadowy overcast somber cloudy dingy gloomy black drab foggy dull faint dusk dusky grimy indistinct inky lurid nebulous obscure opaque shady sooty sunless tenebrous vague blackish caliginous clouded pitch-black pitchy darkened dun cimmerian aphotic atramentous crepuscular ill-lighted lightless obfuscous pitch-dark rayless stygian unlighted unlit brunette ebony sable swarthy bistered adumbral dark-complexioned dark-skinned mysterious deep occult mystic abstruse anagogic arcane cabalistic complicated concealed cryptic enigmatic esoteric intricate knotty mystical puzzling recondite mystifying Delphian not known sinister ominous bleak foreboding cheerless dismal doleful joyless morbid morose mournful unpropitious bad infernal foul atrocious corrupt damnable hellish horrible immoral infamous nefarious sinful vile wicked uncultivated unenlightened benighted unlettered unread forbidding sulky dour frowning glum sullen threatening glowering scowling darkness evening opacity obscurity midnight nighttime dimness nightfall murkiness twilight duskiness witching hour shadows semidarkness caliginosity dead of night concealment thickness secrecy seclusion inscrutability
Antonyms of dark
intelligent cheerful joyful vivacious illuminated visible vivid evident manifest encouraging moral pleased bright clear distinct light good smart luminous sparkling sunny happy clean brilliant lucid radiant shining apparent plain hopeful nice honest just daybreak daylight morning cognizance sensibility brightness daytime illumination lightness enlightening intelligence sense understanding
Identical words :
dark well - andhakuup ( अंधकूप )
darkness - syaamika ( स्यामिका )
dark-complexioned - saavalaangi ( सावळांगी )
dark purple - kaalaajaambhula ( काळाजांभुळा )
dark black - kaaledhiv ( काळेढीव )
darkness or lightness of complexion - kaalegorepan ( काळे-गोरेपण )
dark as a cloud - ghanasaavali ( घनसावळी )
dark grey - meghavani ( मेघवणी )
dark night - mehalani ( मेहलनी )
dark brown - moharen ( मोहरें )
dark-coloured - rangaal ( रंगाळ )
dark red - ragataambar ( रगतांबर )
dark in complexion - shaamal ( शामळ )
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darkness or lightness of complexiondarknessdashingdate according to the lunar calendardate palm treedatedaub of kuṅkum applied to a kings forehead at his coronationdaub of kuṅkum on the forehead of a married woman whose husband is alivedaub of sandalwood paste on the foreheaddaubdaughter-in-lawdaughterdawndawningday and nightday by dayday in the first half of a month the fortnight of the waxing moonday of the lunar monthday of the weekday on which certain activities are not to be undertakendaydaybreakdays and nightsdaytimedead beingdead bodydead person appearing as his shadowdeaddeadly poison supposed to have emerged at the churning of the oceandeadly poison