demand meaning in marathi

Word: demand
Meaning of demand in english - question, request, ask strongly for something, require

Meanings in marathi :

baayani ( बायणी )
Synonyms of demand
claim requirement use sale trade application call interest insistence need appeal order plea lien stipulation want prayer arrogation imposition charge requisition inquiry suit clamor exaction petition necessity bid rush interrogation entreaty pursuit bidding search ultimatum supplication command occasion vogue call for imploration importunity solicitation counterclaim entreatment impetration urge force stipulate expect challenge press tax necessitate importune interrogate coerce enjoin apply badger nag arrogate pester compel implore postulate cite hit besiege oblige direct abuse constrain knock beseech beg summon inquire supplicate dun clamor for hit up impetrate insist on sue for whistle for take fail lack involve crave
Antonyms of demand
answer reply demand grant offer retreat deny disclaim exonerate release compliment praise supply leave alone please give free present
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