devotee meaning in marathi

Word: devotee
Meaning of devotee in english - ardent supporter, fan

Meanings in marathi :

bhajata ( भजता )
भक्ती करणारा
bhakt ( भक्त )
Synonyms of devotee
enthusiast adherent aficionado lover junkie fanatic follower believer admirer addict booster groupie disciple buff fancier amateur votary fiend habitué rooter
Antonyms of devotee
detractor enemy opponent adversary antagonist
Identical words :
devotee of the large temple - ujamadhabhagatuu ( उजमढभगतुउ )
devotee of god - harijan ( हरिजन )
devotees - lekavala ( लेकवळा )
devotee of the god khaṇḍobā - vaaghiya ( वाघिया )
devotee who suffers because of being separated from god - virahiya ( वीरहिया )
devotee of viṣṇu - vaishnav ( वैष्णव )
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