distinction meaning in marathi

Word: distinction
Meaning of distinction in english - differentiation, feature, prominence, achievement

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sinen ( सिनें )
Synonyms of distinction
division perception quality characteristic sensitivity divergence discrepancy nicety separation discrimination difference judgment contrast individuality sharpness peculiarity particularity marking unlikeness acumen discretion clearness qualification dissimilitude tact divergency refinement penetration discreteness dissimilarity earmark analysis discernment acuteness diagnosis estimation dissemblance otherness differential alterity importance merit reputation excellence consequence prestige rank decoration renown manner eminence fame style preeminence credit note greatness repute badge worth award perfection account kudos name laurels celebrity illustriousness accolade superiority flair
Antonyms of distinction
accord unity sameness concurrence likeness similarity inability carelessness indiscretion thoughtlessness insignificance lowliness agreement harmony conformity uniformity mediocrity unimportance inferiority worthlessness
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