fault meaning in marathi

Word: fault
Meaning of fault in english - blame, sin, mistake, physical defect

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vekaas ( वेकास )
विरोधी कृती
Synonyms of fault
omission negligence misconduct offense indiscretion crime wrongdoing responsibility oversight flaw weakness liability misdeed miscue lapse failing blunder transgression guilt error onus misdemeanor trespass impropriety vice malpractice solecism accountability culpability inaccuracy dereliction malfeasance infirmity slip frailty delinquency foible peccancy slip-up answerability evil doing loss of innocence lack shortcoming imperfection deficiency debility blemish demerit zit pimple
Antonyms of fault
advantage perfection behavior obedience good deed success strong point accuracy soundness remembrance strength kindness care right irresponsibility correction correctness propriety benefit blessing enough
Identical words :
As adjective :
faultless - nisal ( नीसळ )
faulty - sadokh ( सदोख )
faultiness - anuchit ( अनुचीत )
fault-finding - kakhaaiya ( कखाइया )
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