filthy meaning in marathi

Word: filthy
Meaning of filthy in english - dirty, polluted, vulgar, obscene

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
vongal ( वोंगळ )
ongal ( ओंगळ )
Synonyms of filthy
muddy disheveled grubby crummy grimy grungy nasty squalid black foul gross impure loathsome offensive putrid repulsive revolting sleazy slimy slipshod sloppy slovenly smoky sooty unclean unkempt vile miry mucky uncleanly unwashed soiled begrimed blackened cruddy fecal feculent scummy soily verminous yecchy vicious indecent base bawdy blue coarse contemptible corrupt depraved despicable lewd licentious low mean pornographic raunchy scatological smutty suggestive dirty-minded foul-mouthed
Antonyms of filthy
moral sterile chaste clean neat decent pure unpolluted friendly kind
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