first meaning in marathi

Word: first
Meaning of first in english - earliest in order, highest in importance, at the beginning

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
vahil ( वहिल )
Synonyms of first
early prime antecedent head premier fundamental opening leading initial primary least inaugural pioneer aboriginal cardinal key basic front primitive anterior ahead elementary first off incipient introductory number one primeval primordial pristine rudimentary inceptive smallest headmost in the beginning lead off numero uno primogenial right up front slightest dominant champion foremost sovereign chief ruling main arch principal advanced eminent first-class outstanding paramount predominant preeminent supreme top-flight ranking A-number-1 first-string greatest head of the line top of the list initially originally beforehand at the outset before all else in the first place to begin with
Antonyms of first
following auxiliary trivial unimportant minor additional extra subordinate last inessential insignificant nonessential least inferior secondary final ending submissive unnecessary
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