foot meaning in marathi

Word: foot
Meaning of foot in english - extremity of an animate being, base of an object, twelve inches/30.48 centimeters measured

Meanings in marathi :

paavo ( पावो )
Synonyms of foot
pad hoof paw foundation pier nadir bottom lowest point square
Antonyms of foot
Identical words :
As noun :
foot soldier - rajaput ( रजपुत )
footwear - vaahaan ( वाहाण )
footpath - paauulavaat ( पाउलवाट )
footfall - paayarav ( पायरव )
footstep - vaauul ( वाउल )
foot massage - charanasavhaan ( चरणसव्हान )
foot soldiers - paayaamogar ( पायामोगर )
foot mat - paayepusanen ( पायेपुसणें )
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