gift made in appreciation meaning in marathi

Word: gift made in appreciation

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
daavopasaavo ( दावोपसावो )
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gift made to a brāhmaṇa in order to avert the effects of the astrologically inauspicious vyatipāta periodgift of gracegift of money in recognition of servicegiftgiltgirding the loinsgirdlegirl friendgirl who stands behind the bride or groom at a wedding and holds a water pot in her handsgirlgirls game in which two players hold hands and spin rapidly in a circlegive and takegiven the word appears as a sample of the language of the marāṭhāsgiven to sensual pleasuregiven to sensual pleasuresgivengiver of knowledgegivergiving a boongiving a gift of gold coins weighing the same as the donorgiving a speechgiving birth to a childgiving little milk a cowgiving milk an animalgiving profuse milkgiving restgiving someone a bathgiving up somethinggiving upgiving