good fortune meaning in marathi

Word: good fortune
Meaning of good fortune in english - big win, blessing, boon, fluke, good, opportunity, satisfaction, welfare/well-being, stroke of luck, weal

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sadaivapan ( सदैवपण )
Synonyms of good fortune
serendipity accidental discovery chance discovery gift miracle asset good luck kindness help service windfall profit break favor benefit gain bounty benediction godsend lucky break manna from heaven largess benevolence grant donation compliment benefaction gratuity present quirk fortuity fortune incident contingency fortunate odd chance prosperity usefulness commonwealth nugget plum treasure avail interest prize behalf freedom moment time event shot probability juncture liberty run opening leisure stab happening turn fitness occasion space convenience excuse hope show prayer pass cut fling scope whack spell squeak room hour connection relief befalling fair shake fighting chance iron in the fire the hunt the running one's move one's say one's turn amusement peace of mind enjoyment comfort fulfillment delight contentment vindication achievement pleasure pride happiness gratification indulgence gladness redress repletion conciliation settlement cheerfulness justice ease amends refreshment bliss satiety serenity reparation complacency indemnification atonement reimbursement compensation recompense reward resolution propitiation contentedness abundance advantage easy street euphoria felicity progress success thriving fate good break lucky strike one in a million run of luck health pogey
Antonyms of good fortune
disadvantage harm hindrance hurt injury loss bad luck misfortune blight condemnation disapproval damnation ill will curse bad fortune damnification forfeit certainty design plan punishment evil sin immorality wickedness reality closing truth closure displeasure dissatisfaction sorrow woe sadness melancholy indecision penalty discontent misery unhappiness disappointment failure depression pain trouble gloom need want restriction
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