human meaning in marathi

Word: human
Meaning of human in english - characteristic of people, person, homo sapiens

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
maanukhi ( मानुखी )
Synonyms of human
personal animal mortal individual anthropoid civilized fallible fleshly forgivable vulnerable anthropomorphic hominid biped anthropological bipedal creatural ethnologic ethological hominal hominine humanistic body life child creature being soul personage
Antonyms of human
inhuman immortal unmanly abstract inanimate nonentity
Identical words :
As noun :
human being - maanus ( मानुस )
human body containing the three nāḍīs or the three guṇas - tripur ( त्रिपुर )
human body - dehakhand ( देहखंड )
human figure erected to scare children - baavo ( बावो )
human life - maanusapana ( माणुसपणा )
human speech - vaikhari ( वैखरी )
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