intolerant meaning in marathi

Word: intolerant
Meaning of intolerant in english - impatient, prejudiced

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
aasaahaan ( आसाहान )
सहन न करणारा
Synonyms of intolerant
biased dictatorial fanatical bigoted disdainful racist fractious hateful irritable dogmatic indignant antipathetic averse communist conservative contemptuous illiberal inflexible irate jaundiced narrow narrow-minded obdurate one-sided small-minded snappy stuffy uncharitable unfair unsympathetic unwilling upset waspish individualistic unforbearing xenophobic chauvinistic outraged racialist short-fuse tilted unindulgent
Antonyms of intolerant
impartial patient tolerant unprejudiced fair happy
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