ko meaning in marathi

Word: ko
Meaning of ko in english - best, blow, bring down, deaden, defeat, expunge, hit, knock, obliterate, repeal, slug, knockout, knock out, licking, thrashing, vanquishment

Meanings in marathi :

susaravaati ( सुसरवाति )
लपा- छपीचा खेळ
डोळे झाकून जळती वात उचलून भोज्याला शिवण्याचा खेळ
Synonyms of ko
beat trounce outclass outshine conquer surpass blank outdo knock off overcome transcend exceed deck outstrip tan total prevail whip cream bulldoze floor top excel better master lambaste wax trash wallop blast wipe zap waste drub clobber triumph beat up put away shut down take down wipe out take care of whop flax whomp get the better of let have it shoot down triumph over wipe the floor with impact bump concussion shock punch slap jolt stroke jab kick ding pound clip sock clout collision rap belt poke swat swipe jar percussion thump strike whack biff smash crack buffet smack cut thrust bash bat thwack bop bang slam swing clump knuckle sandwich uppercut blindside abase cut down damage drop fell injure level lower murder overthrow overturn prostrate pull down slay tumble undermine upset wound knock down lay low mow down throw down impair desensitize abate mute reduce smother cushion soften hush stupefy check weaken paralyze depress deprive slow tire damp repress suppress destroy blunt quieten exhaust consume incapacitate dope chloroform gas frustrate drown unnerve numb freeze dull dim retard benumb dampen devitalize stun lessen alleviate stifle lay out tone down anesthetize etherize put out of order put to sleep loss massacre collapse embarrassment drubbing rout setback killing failure debacle breakdown beating destruction repulse conquest trashing whipping trimming slaughter discomfiture fall rebuff count reverse mastery extermination annihilation ambush trap ruin defeasance whitewashing scalping whaling waxing lacing trouncing paddling subjugation shellacking downthrow insuccess nonsuccess overpower edge powder skin pulverize bust outrun flog pommel outplay steamroll outhit outjump plow under run roughshod over take it all take to cleaners work over annul exterminate omit abolish erase extinguish delete eradicate efface scrub annihilate remove discard launder extirpate gut cancel exclude raze black black out call off strike out kayo X out blot out blue pencil call all bets off take out pop nail batter tap lace blitz brain hammer pelt cudgel lather dab club pellet box flail stone hook cuff clap larrup whang give a black eye knock around let fly ride roughshod hurt flatten bruise manhandle maltreat mistreat abuse bob roughhouse maul ravage eliminate obscure scratch finish liquidate squash nix sink cover bog do in rub out wash out torpedo X-out finish off mark out root out rub off take apart wipe off face of earth invalidate revoke void dismantle nullify lift withdraw abrogate rescind recall backpedal countermand vacate back out opt out throw over set aside renig stand down weasel out worm out clock whale technical knockout TKO cold pack coup de grace final blow finishing blow hearts and flowers knockout blow hamstring coldcock
Antonyms of ko
retreat surrender forfeit praise uphold relent lose fail yield fall behind build give up be inferior flattery compliment good fortune luck aid encourage help enlarge increase intensify invigorate assist permit mobilize stimulate uplift refresh construct facilitate animate enliven extend magnify strengthen allow indulge advance push let go brighten accomplishment achievement success win boon victory attainment mastery yielding abet inspirit create insert institute bear add establish put in give birth protect treat well revive schedule set up fix begin initiate start leave alone save keep validate enforce sanction legalize ratify approve support enact pass tap loss building construction creation
Identical words :
koḷī woman - kolini ( कोळिणी )
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koḷī womankubera the treasurer of the godskuṅkum applied to the forehead of a married woman whose husband is alivekuṇḍalinī which resembles a serpentkuṇḍalinīkālakramakālayavana a demon killed by kṛṣṇakālvār si 1 18kāmarūpa the name of a region now called assamkārtikeyakṛṣṇa as a cowherdkṛṣṇa who stands with his body bent at the knees and the waistkṛṣṇa who wields the bow called śārṅgakṛṣṇakṛṣṇas birthdaykṛṣṇas bowkṛṣṇas wife rukmiṇīlabour marketlabourlabourerlabouriouslabyrinthlack of acquaintancelack of faithlack of fuellack of interestlack of objectionslacklacking a basislacking a leader