laziness meaning in marathi

Word: laziness
Meaning of laziness in english - unwillingness to work, be active

Meanings in marathi :

nisugai ( निसुगै )
निर्लज्ज- पणा
Synonyms of laziness
sloth lethargy negligence apathy weariness inertia inertness sluggishness slackness dormancy stolidity tardiness heaviness idleness dullness remissness sleepiness listlessness slothfulness inactivity laxness slowness indolence languidness leadenness dilatoriness leisureliness torpidness passivity faineance drowsiness dreaminess neglectfulness do-nothingness faineancy lackadaisicalness languorousness otioseness otiosity supineness
Antonyms of laziness
diligence hard work industriousness activity life liveliness action
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