leave meaning in marathi

Word: leave
Meaning of leave in english - permission, holiday, time off, depart, abandon physically, abandon, renounce, forget, neglect, give, especially after death

Meanings in marathi :

paathavani ( पाठवणी )
nirop ( निरोप )
जाण्याची अनुज्ञा
Synonyms of leave
authorization allowance okay freedom consent sanction assent liberty dispensation go-ahead permit concession tolerance green light sufferance retirement furlough leave of absence sabbatical vacation adieu departure farewell goodbye withdrawal parting leave-taking fly quit take off move start escape flee disappear relinquish vamoose emigrate vanish elope abscond sally defect flit embark exit split scram vacate decamp ditch issue desert forsake beat it break away clear out cut out pull out push off step down come away give the slip go away go forth head out move out remove oneself ride off run along say goodbye set out slip out take a hike take leave walk out drop stop evacuate surrender forbear maroon cede waive terminate yield resign desist cease refrain back out drop out hand over knock off give up give notice have omit mislay let leave behind lay down let be let continue let go let stay apportion legate devise confide will transmit bequeath allot consign commit entrust refer bequest assign demise hand down
Antonyms of leave
denial refusal veto incarceration disapproval protest limitation prohibition restriction disagreement imprisonment restraint difference workday greeting hello stay remain complete come in face finish arrive stop hold keep join continue care maintain do help begin initiate start keep on go disallow refuse reject withhold receive take
Identical words :
leaves from a castor-oil plant - eradavati ( एरडवती )
leaves of the nirguḍī plant - gangaavati ( गंगावती )
leaves of five different kinds of trees - paanchapaalavi ( पांचपालवी )
leaves flowers etc to be used in worship - paalavipaalavi ( पालवि-पालवी )
leaves etc to be offered to a deity - paala ( पाला )
leaves of the bilva tree - bilvapaali ( बिल्वपालि )
leaves of a bilva tree - bel ( बेल )
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