little meaning in marathi

Word: little
Meaning of little in english - small in size, amount, not important, narrow-minded, infrequently, not much, small amount of something

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
lauu ( ल )
Synonyms of little
scant insufficient slight meager limited infant short dinky wee petite diminutive infinitesimal young brief miniature toy snub peanut bantam Lilliputian junior minute babyish cramped elfin embryonic fleeting hasty immature imperceptible microscopic short-lived skimpy sparse stubby stunted teeny tiny undeveloped wizened inappreciable inconsiderable undersized hardly any not big not large shrimpy shriveled truncated petty minor trifling casual insignificant negligible paltry trivial unimportant shoestring provincial set base mean bigoted cheap contemptible illiberal ineffectual self-centered selfish small-minded vulgar wicked hidebound barely seldom rarely scarcely somewhat a little hardly ever not many not often not quite only just touch taste bit hint trifle dash speck trace fragment pinch spot particle snippet modicum dab whit
Antonyms of little
adequate sufficient large huge older giant enormous immense massive magnificent magnanimous open-minded big fat lengthy long tall substantial great important consequential useful major significant broad-minded kind liberal noble generous frequently more much glob
Identical words :
little bit - kinj ( किंज )
little boys penis - chongai ( चोंगई )
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