loose meaning in marathi

Word: loose
Meaning of loose in english - not tight, unconstrained, indefinite, vague, promiscuous

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
vembhalavembhal ( वेंभल-वेंभळ )
Synonyms of loose
relaxed sloppy easy baggy limp hanging escaped floating unlocked separate untied disconnected free released unhinged slack clear undone detached apart asunder flabby flaccid insecure movable unattached unconnected unfettered unrestrained unrestricted wobbly unconfined unbuttoned unhooked loosened unbound unclasped liberated unpinned unfastened unbolted slackened at large not fitting uncaged unlatched unsecured unshackled disordered rambling obscure diffuse ill-defined inaccurate indistinct negligent random remiss imprecise careless debauched wanton abandoned light corrupt dissipated capricious disreputable dissolute heedless immoral imprudent inconstant lewd libertine licentious out of control profligate rash reckless thoughtless unmindful unchaste swinging speeding playing
Antonyms of loose
rigid combined connected joined united sane constrained restricted taut moral hard tight stiff attached hindered definite precise clean decent clear virtuous kind pure purified
Identical words :
loose-tongued - chubadi ( चुबडी )
loosening of reins - talavaag ( तळवाग )
loose woman - dhaangadi ( धांगडी )
loosely - bembalabembil ( बेंबळ-बेंबिळ )
loose articulation - bobadi ( बोबडी )
loosely run - bholasthiti ( भोळस्थिति )
loose in texture - visaail ( विसाइल )
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