malicious meaning in marathi

Word: malicious
Meaning of malicious in english - hateful

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
lopak ( लोपक )
Synonyms of malicious
vengeful petty spiteful vicious pernicious mischievous malignant virulent nasty wicked venomous malevolent awful baleful beastly bitter catty deleterious detrimental envious evil evil-minded green green-eyed gross injurious jealous low mean noxious ornery poisonous despiteful rancorous resentful bad-natured cussed ill-disposed
Antonyms of malicious
forgiving useful helpful loving pleasing friendly kind pleasant harmless moral assisting benevolent liking gentle good nice decent aiding likeable sympathetic
Identical words :
malicious gossip - chaahaadaachaahaadi ( चाहाडाचाहाडी )
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