mercilessness meaning in marathi

Word: mercilessness
Meaning of mercilessness in english - cruelty, savagery, spitefulness, truculence, truculency, vengefulness

Meanings in marathi :

akanav ( अकणव )
करुणेचा अभाव
Synonyms of mercilessness
torture inhumanity malice barbarity persecution barbarism bestiality rancor despotism sadism wickedness severity animality fierceness venom depravity ferocity viciousness insensibility malignity coarseness coldness callousness insensitiveness unfeelingness murderousness unkindness heartlessness bloodthirstiness ruthlessness savageness masochism brutishness fiendishness hard-heartedness brutality grudge resentment retaliation revenge implacableness
Antonyms of mercilessness
compassion gentility mercy thoughtfulness kindness love charity consideration feeling niceness forgiveness liking
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