neat meaning in marathi

Word: neat
Meaning of neat in english - arranged well, uncluttered, clever, practiced

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
svakriye ( स्वक्रिये )
Synonyms of neat
precise accurate tidy slick sleek elegant orderly spotless immaculate smart apple-pie order chic correct dainty dapper exact fastidious finicky methodical natty nice prim proper regular shipshape spick-and-span spruce systematic trim well-groomed finical well-kept in good order in good shape neat as a pin efficient effortless graceful quick stylish handy able adept adroit agile apt artful deft dexterous expert finished nimble proficient ready skillful speedy
Antonyms of neat
inaccurate questionable disorganized unclean untidy stupid unintelligent sloppy slovenly unkempt false careless dirty rough dull unfashionable disorderly messed up unpracticed hard awkward inept
Identical words :
As noun :
neatness - netapaat ( नेटपाट )
neatly - sunetin ( सुनेटीं )
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