one or two meaning in marathi

Word: one or two

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
yekendoghen ( येकेंदोघें )
kaanhi ( कांही )
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one practicing repetition of the divine nameone practising correct religious behaviourone side of a bodiceone side of a double doorone side of a two-part bag etcone suffering convulsions from the bite of a venomous snakeone suffering in a hellone timeone which has a peak that is a mountainone white and one yellow bullone who accepts a bribeone who arouses angerone who assumes another bodyone who assumes the garb of a conjurerone who brings about illuminationone who can aim an arrow just by hearing the targetone who can attend to ten different things at a timeone who causes movementone who commits suicideone who contemplatesone who destroysone who digsone who does not knowone who does not meditate on the divine nameone who dwells permanently in hellone who enjoys sensual pleasureone who enjoys the rewards and punishments provided by deitiesone who entertains doubtsone who fasts perpetuallyone who feels fond pride for someone