perpetual meaning in marathi

Word: perpetual

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saasvat ( सास्वत )
Identical words :
perpetually - shashvatraĩ ( शश्वत्रइं )
perpetual coherence - samavaaoy ( समवाओ--य )
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perpetuallyperseverancepersian water wheelperson attached to ones heartperson from the andhra regionperson of noble birthperson or instrument that keeps rhythmperson who belongs to karnāṭakperson who belongs to someone elseperson who commits suicideperson who does not have even a single grain of foodperson who sticks too closely to anotherperson with a good mindperson with long hairperson with vicespersonpersonal attendantpersonal belongingspersonal family matterspersonal name of a cowherd boypersonal name that of the author of ukhāharaṇapersonal namepersonal observationpersonal service and attentionpersons daily intake of foodperspirationpertaining to a castepertaining to a king or his administrationpertaining to godpertaining to śiva