pipe meaning in marathi

Word: pipe

Meanings in marathi :

nala ( नळा )
nali ( नळी )
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piping hotpippala treepit full of puspitpitcherpithwood treepitiable conditionpitiablepitiablypitiful complainingpitiful state conditionpitypl cattleplplace and positionplace for urinatingplace in a serial orderplace in a village where water is fetchedplace in the body in yogic physiologyplace name in ṛddhipurplace name the home of nirmaḷā cokhās sisterplace nameplace of workplace of worship of the deity bhairavaplace or position from which there is no return or fallplace sheltered from the windplace where alms are distributedplace where brāhmaṇa men change their sacred threads on the full-moon day of the month of śrāvaṇaplace where food is given away free of chargeplace where money is coined