the divine name as an altar meaning in marathi

Word: the divine name as an altar

Meanings in marathi :

naamavedi ( नामवेदी )
नामरूपी वेदी, वेदिका
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the divine river gaṅgāthe dot representing the anusvāra in the syllable oṃthe dried-out stump of a treethe dried-up trunk of a treethe drāviḍa countrythe dust of someones feetthe duty of servingthe duty one has by virtue of ones birththe dvārāvatī of the souththe early part of the nightthe earththe eastthe eastern directionthe easternmost main fire of the three maintained by an agnihotrī priestthe eaves of a roofthe eavesthe edge of a purī a māṇḍā etcthe edge of a villagethe effect of timethe effect on oneself of ones own past deedsthe egothe eight expressions of devotional emotionthe eight great siddhisthe eight poetic sentimentsthe eighteen purāṇasthe eightfold prakṛtithe eighth day of a monththe elephant which is the worldthe eleventh day in each fortnight of a lunar monththe eleventh day of the bright half of āṣāḍha when lord viṣṇu goes to sleep