the water of the final deluge meaning in marathi

Word: the water of the final deluge

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
pralayaambu ( प्रळयांबु )
प्रळयाचे पाणी
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the water of the river gaṅgāthe way of bhaktithe way of death of yogīs along the path of the godsthe way of deities other than the one supreme godthe way of devotion to godthe way of devotionthe way of dispassionate actionthe way of god-realizationthe way of holy peoplethe way of repetition of the praṇava the syllable oṃthe way of the worship of deitiesthe way of wordsthe way to avoid somethingthe way to deaththe way to everything except godthe way to knowledge of the selfthe way to livethe way to or of the transcendentthe way to the north implying no returnthe way to the norththe wealth line on the palm of the handthe weight of the bodythe westthe western directionthe whole daythe whole nightthe whole worldthe wick of a lamp that is kept perpetually burningthe wick of a lampthe wielder of a weapon