to be besmeared meaning in marathi

Word: to be besmeared

Meanings in marathi :

As transitive verb :
saraandane ( सरांडणे )
maakhane ( माखणे )
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to be blackenedto be born when the sun is in the mūla constellation which is held to be inauspiciousto be bornto be burntto be capable competentto be carried by a breezeto be caught or trappedto be cheatedto be close toto be coated with dirtto be colouredto be confirmed establishedto be confused or nonplussedto be confusedto be containedto be corruptedto be created and destroyedto be createdto be crushedto be daubed or smeared with ointmentto be daubedto be dear beloved likedto be deceivedto be decoratedto be delighted joyfulto be delightedto be delightfully engrossedto be deprived ofto be deprivedto be destroyed and take form again