Nomenclature meaning in hindi | Nomenclature ka matlab 

Nomenclature meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Nomenclature 
Usage of Nomenclature: 1: He described it in Méthode de nomenclature chimique . 2: DNA nomenclature is similar to RNA nomenclature 3: Reference is made here again to the organic nomenclature 4: Letter nomenclature follows a different system for cloth backings 5: Additional nomenclature 6: As reflected in the nomenclature 7: Where necessary in substitutive nomenclature 8: Organic compounds are named according to the organic nomenclature system.
Nomenclature ki paribhasha : vah kapad jisapar chaaron or bhagavaan ka naam chhapa hota hai aur jise bhakt log audhate hain vah shabd jisase kisi vastu, vyakti ya samooh ka bodh ho

Usage of Nomenclature in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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