Nut meaning in hindi | Nut ka matlab 

Nut meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Nut 
Usage of Nut: 1: The nut is not tight enough; give it another screw. 2: I like nut of oak tree. 3: Some alternative names are: ground nut 4: The nut is a raised piece of wood 5: husks, nut shell 6: It also said Earrings with pearl or diamond is mounted on a pivot and fixed by a nut 7: It is also said of what is done in screw or nut dug manner and that turns like a screw to attach it to something 8: Kind Botanical palms belong to which species and carry the palmito one that produces the fruit called areca nut 9: nut brake, mounted on a small piece nut and which prevents from loosening 10: NUT is said by analogy Other fruits that have some resemblance to the nut
Nut ki paribhasha : ek bahuant ooancha ped jo himaalay par bhootaan se lekar kashmir aur aaphagaani- staan tak hota hai sharir ke sabase agale ya oopari bhaag ka gol tal jisake bhitar mastishk rahata hai kisi kase jaanevaale pech ke sire par laga hua lohe ka chaud tukad jisame pech baahar nahin nikalata drashy kaavy ka abhinay karanevaala manushy

Nut synonyms
kernel stone achene caryopsis utricle screwball freak lunatic fanatic eccentric crackpot bigot maniac loony zealot crank fiend non compos mentis bedlamite dement harebrain
Nut antonyms
sane person 
Usage of Nut in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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