Oath meaning in hindi | Oath ka matlab 

Oath meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Oath 
Usage of Oath: 1: A witness takes in oath before giving evidence. 2: the statement given under oath was untruthful 3: ripped out a vicious oath 4: Once a majority of the members has taken the oath in each House 5: Presidents traditionally used a Bible to take oath of office . 6: He admitted that he had violated the oath sworn in 1097 7: Roosevelt took the oath of office in the Ansley Wilcox House at Buffalo 8: Marshall pointed to the judge's oath requiring them to uphold the Constitution 9: Only Raymond avoided swearing the oath 10: Taking an oath to the church to complete the journey
Oath ki paribhasha : ninda ya kalnkasoochak vaaky ek varnasnkar jaati jisaka ullekh mahaabhaarat men hai vah kathan jisake anusaar kahanevaala is baat ki pratigya karata hai ki yadi mera kathan asaty ho, maine amuk kaam kiya ho, main amuk kaam karuan ya na karuan ityaadi, to mujhapar amuk devata ka shaap pade athava main amuk paap ka bhaagi hoooan aadi

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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