Occupy meaning in hindi | Occupy ka matlab 

Occupy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Occupy 
Usage of Occupy: 1: Here, occupy yourself with this crossword puzzle . 2: They would not occupy the concessions until four years later 3: By noon, troops entered the White House and began to occupy it, floor by floor. 4: Members of the House occupy red benches on three sides of the Chamber. 5: The Lords Spiritual all occupy the Spiritual Side. 6: They continued to occupy the entire Balkans 7: Police evicted activists who tried to occupy the Smith farm. 8: J.G. Büttner, tried to occupy pupils by making them add a list of integers. 9: One language may occupy the greater number of programmer hours 10: Ellen White came to occupy a particularly central role
Occupy ki paribhasha : kisi vastu par ya kisi vastu ke andar doosari vastu sthit karana doosare ke haath se apane haath men karana van ka vah vibhaag jahaaan shera, chite aadi ke rahane ki maaanden hon

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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