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Official meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Official 
Usage of Official: 1: We must give our designation on the top of every official letter. 2: He has official powers to do anything. 3: The bank official checked the totality of the currency . 4: All my official correspondence is done by my secretary. 5: He has gone to attend an official luncheon. 6: There were many protests at official inaction. 7: The new officer is responsible for this transformation in the official machinery. 8: The peoples daily is the official organ of the Chinese communist party. 9: He uses his rubber stamp on every official document. 10: Formerly the official residence of a representative of the British Governor General at a native Indian Court.
Official ki paribhasha : vah jisaka adhin raajyaprabndh ya aur kisi kaaryaalay ke snkabndhar rakhanevaala koi kaary karata ho kisi varg ki sarvashreshth vastu jo pratyaksh aadi pramaanon dvaara siddh ho

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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