Or meaning in hindi | Or ka matlab 

Or meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Or 
Usage of Or: 1: its a toss-up whether he will win or lose 2: Actor or acrtess wore skimpy dresses. 3: An Earl or a Duke was wedded into the nobility. 4: come at noon or thereabouts 5: Dont mistreat people or youll be friendless. 6: Carnations usually have white,red or pink flowers. 7: of cup-like or bowl-like shape. 8: All the appointees must join their duties on or before"5th" of April
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9: do you wear rimmed or rimless glasses? 10: An assayist is that who washes or cleans.
Or ki paribhasha : yah ka vah roop jo use vraj bhaasha men kaarak chihn lagane ke pahale praapt hota hai ek viyojak avyay jisaka prayog us sthaan par hocha hai jahaaan do ya kai shabdon ya padon men se kisi ek ka grahan abhisht ho

Usage of Or in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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