Outlaw meaning in hindi | Outlaw ka matlab 

Outlaw meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Outlaw 
Usage of Outlaw: 1: The sheriff was laying for the outlaw . 2: Even though Lincoln had no plans to outlaw slavery where it existed 3: Declared an outlaw by the Spanish king in 1580 4: This was outlaw country 5: Although Cash carefully cultivated a romantic outlaw image 6: Or, on the other hand, does it only outlaw intentional bigotry? 7: Haggard was also part of outlaw country 8: Yagan was declared an outlaw with a reward of £20 offered for his capture. 9: Put a prince under the ban of the empire, in ancient Germanic Constitution, the state deprived of his dignity, rights and privileges and outlaw 10: This word is not not French, we must outlaw
Outlaw ki paribhasha : gaaanva, shahar ya desh aadi se dndsvaroop baahar nikaal dena

Usage of Outlaw in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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