Outlook meaning in hindi | Outlook ka matlab 

Outlook meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Outlook 
Usage of Outlook: 1: the economic outlook is depressing 2: education is an important determinant of ones outlook on life 3: Computer growth indicates a break outlook for the unemployed. 4: His relationship with Jakobson helped shape his theoretical outlook . 5: The Netherlands has an international outlook 6: The medium-term outlook for exports is encouraging 7: His library reflects his intellectual outlook 8: Communism's outlook on freedom was based on an agent, obstacle, and goal. 9: NOAA issued its outlook for the 2005 season 10: Sherman became increasingly pessimistic about the outlook of the war.
Outlook ki paribhasha : aapaatti, kasht ya naash aadi se bachaana ek alnkaar jisamen kisi ek baat ke hone par doosari baat ka hona nirbhar kaha jaata hai vartamaan avasarpini ke tisare arhat jain vah padaarth jo aaankhon ke saamane ho

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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