Overwhelm meaning in hindi | Overwhelm ka matlab 

Overwhelm meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Overwhelm 
Usage of Overwhelm: 1: Washington hoped to surprise and overwhelm the rear of the British army. 2: Germany made attempts to overwhelm the landing force with armored attacks 3: Another key practice was to overwhelm visitors by sumptuous displays. 4: Since tidal forces overwhelm gravity within the Roche limit 5: Bridging, overwhelm someone benefits 6: Do not overwhelm working 7: He had bestowed favor, he wanted to overwhelm the 8: Load someone insults of insults, curses, insults Him say much, overwhelm him with insults, curses 9: overwhelm a city 10: The river overflowed threat to overwhelm all the plain
Overwhelm ki paribhasha : bojh ke niche laana jisamen koi chij niche ki or das jaay athava idhar udhar hat na sake rekhaa, daaga, chihn aadi ka door karana paani ya aur kisi drav padaarth ke bhitar dalana

Usage of Overwhelm in sentences

The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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