Parcel meaning in hindi | Parcel ka matlab 

Parcel meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Parcel 
Usage of Parcel: 1: A post man carrying a parcel of books under his arm. 2: We will parcel out the children for the summer . 3: The idea of air parcel is used to define the smallest element of the atmosphere 4: An air parcel is defined as a point in the fluid continuum of the atmosphere. 5: Action to parcel 6: Ask a land parcel by land 7: didactic Pertaining to plots, which is made by parcel 8: Pay an amount per parcel 9: Faire survey a parcel of ground 10: It is also said that an employee in a railway station or a courier company, charge, discharge, to their destination door parcel
Parcel ki paribhasha : pustak ke pannon ki vah jagah jahaaan se jujabadi ya silaayi hoti hai bhinn ki lakir ke oopar ki snkhya ek hi tarah ki bahut si chijon ka samooh bhitar kisi vastu ko rakhakar batorakar baaandha hua kapad aadi ek shabd jisaka prayog asvikrati ya nishedh soochit karane ke liye hota hai niche oopar rakhi hui bahut si vastuon ka samooh jo kuchh oopar utha hua ho ek ho tarah ki bahut si chojon ka dher

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The word can be used as noun, verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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