Partial meaning in hindi | Partial ka matlab 

Partial meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Partial 
Usage of Partial: 1: The teacher was partial toward his relative in the class. 2: her second mother was partial to him. 3: Cavitation results when air is sucked into a propeller or when too much power causes bubbles of partial vacuum 4: Viceroy Lord Ripon's partial reversal of the Ilbert Bill 5: A number of partial patterns had been noted. 6: For a partial list of these see List of XML markup languages. 7: Hornet’s crew was on the verge of restoring partial power to the ship. 8: These colleges receive significant partial 9: The Mongols would later take partial control of Central Asia 10: In total, Barnum Brown found five Tyrannosaurus partial skeletons.
Partial ki paribhasha : bina uchit anuchit ke vichaar ke kisi ke anukool pravratt honevaala

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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