Payment meaning in hindi | Payment ka matlab 

Payment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Payment 
Usage of Payment: 1: receive payment 2: The payment consists in food 3: The payment was deferred for two or three days. 4: cheques are sent to clearing house for payment 5: The bank charged a penalty on the late payment . 6: I'm collecting money for payment on your loan . 7: Laura tendered payment to Gary for the tickets . 8: The payment was made in United States bonds 9: The government stopped making timely payment of wages 10: All parking meters in Hong Kong accept payment by Octopus card only
Payment ki paribhasha : dhaatuon ka aushadh roop men vyavahaar karane ke liye snskaar paise ka chaubisavaaan ya pachisavaaan bhaag ek vastu dekar doosari vastu liya jaana ya ek vastu lekar doosari vastu diya jaana vah kaary jo kisi kaary ko rokane, dabaane athava usaka badala chukaane ke liye kiya jaay vah dhan jo kisi ko koi kaam karane ke badale men diya jaay

Usage of Payment in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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