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Peer meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Peer 
Usage of Peer: 1: In cricket, Tendulkar has no peer where batting is concerned. 2: On my birthday party, I invited all my class mates, a peer group which could be managed freely. 3: When an elected hereditary peer dies 4: If the recently deceased hereditary peer was elected by the whole House 5: No major cabinet position has been filled by a peer since 1982 6: He was created a peer and moved to the House of Lords 7: MSU has often lagged behind peer institutions in terms of endowments. 8: British peer Brian Rix stated that "alas 9: This method is often used in obtaining peer assessment . 10: He was also an honorary title that was given to persons vested with certain dignities, and, among others, peer of France under the Restoration
Peer ki paribhasha : bahut shaan shaukat aur amir dhng se rahane tatha khoob kharch karanevaala aphagaanistaan ke raaja ki upaadhi kis raajy ka karad koi bad jamindaar ya saradaar kisi vastu ke astitv ya usake roopa, rng aadi ka gyaan netron dvaara praapt karana kisi vastu ko kisi kaary ke liye dekhakar sthir karana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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