Persistent meaning in hindi | Persistent ka matlab 

Persistent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Persistent 
Usage of Persistent: 1: She wanted to married only persistent man. 2: Mustard gas was also a persistent agent 3: For those with mild persistent disease 4: The net effect is persistent high levels of blood glucose 5: These persistent viruses evade immune control by sequestration 6: These persistent viruses evade immune control by sequestration 7: In addition to persistent infection with high-risk HPV types 8: One of the most persistent criticisms of the National Gallery 9: Austria proved the most persistent enemy of France 10: The reading was accompanied by persistent jeers but Andrade persevered
Persistent ki paribhasha : shreshth ya badi striyon ke liye aadaraathnk shabd sngit men saat roopakon men se ek nity ya shaashvat bhaavana athava koi bhi tikaaou vastu, dradh sthiti ya dasha jisamen ya jisake bich antar ya phaasala na ho

Usage of Persistent in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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