Pity meaning in hindi | Pity ka matlab 

Pity meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Pity 
Usage of Pity: 1: She is a born borrower,borrows every pity things from others. 2: arouse pity 3: its a pity he couldnt do it 4: I hate to be obfect of pity to anybody. 5: save your pity for the living 6: Have pity on animals. 7: I pity her lot. 8: Jack can't come, more's the pity . 9: Jane had to leave early, more's the pity . 10: Once Siegfried knows her story, he takes great pity on her and falls in love.
Pity ki paribhasha : vah manovikaar ya duःkh jo doosaron ke duःkh ke gyaan se utpann hota hai aur jo doosaron ke duःkh ko door karane ki preran karata hai doosare ke duःkh men duःkhi hone ka bhaav antaःkaran ki vah avastha jisamen svabhaavataः athava apane kisi bhadde ya bure aacharan ki bhaavana ke kaaran vasaron ke saamane vrattiyaaan snkuchit ho jaati hain, chepta mnd pad jaati hai, muanh se, shavd nahin nikalata sir nicha ho jaata hai aur saamane taaka nahin jaata man ka vah duःkhapoorn veg jo doosare ke kasht ko door karane ki prerana karata hai ek prakaar ka raag jo hanumat ke mat se hindol raag ka putr hai

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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