Possibility meaning in hindi | Possibility ka matlab 

Possibility meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Possibility 
Usage of Possibility: 1: They considered the possibility of a strike. 2: In that event, the first possibility is excluded. 3: He briefly considered the possibility of working in America and his next film 4: This already existed as a possibility in earlier Buddhism 5: The possibility of bottlenecks at the English Channel 6: While there does remain some possibility for small Vulcanoid asteroids to exist 7: Another possibility is that its core has already completely solidified. 8: He says it is a possibility that very unlibertarian laws may result 9: This possibility is referenced in Foundation and Earth 10: One possibility is a species of mormyrid
Possibility ki paribhasha : ek alnkaar jisamen kisi ek baat ke hone par doosari baat ka hona nirbhar kaha jaata hai

Usage of Possibility in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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