Pounding meaning in hindi | Pounding ka matlab 

Pounding meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Pounding 
Usage of Pounding: 1: Someone was pounding at the door. 2: tapa cloth is an unwoven fabric made by pounding bark into a thin sheet 3: the chairman called the meeting to order by pounding his gavel 4: I spent the weekend pounding the books . 5: I've got to spend more time pounding my ear . 6: The paper is created by boiling and pounding the inner bark of trees 7: Beat pounding 8: Instrument which is used for pounding something in a mortar to crush something 9: It only pounding the pavement 10: Since he lost his job it merely pounding the pavement
Pounding ki paribhasha : kisi ko bahut adhik pitana bhaar dalate hue jamin par padne ki dhvani shravanendriy me utpann snvedan athava vah vishay jisaka grahan shravanodriy men ho

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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