Poverty meaning in hindi | Poverty ka matlab 

Poverty meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Poverty 
Usage of Poverty: 1: The incidence of poverty is high is India. 2: much poverty can be traced to the underdevelopment of industry 3: There are lot of poverty stricken families in India. 4: Dr ambedkar lived in poverty.
They were recognizable by the poverty of their dress.
5: Hilly areas have the poverty of iodine. 6: The prophetess pledged to wipe off poverty from the world. 7: Corruption and poverty are parts of the political @& social syndrome. 8: they took vows of poverty 9: His speech on poverty carried the audience. 10: Hunger and poverty drove him to steal.
Poverty ki paribhasha : duःkh se utpann adhinata ka bhaav aadhunik naiyaayikon ke mat ke anusaar vaisheshik shaastr men saatavaaan padaarth

Usage of Poverty in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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