Pretext meaning in hindi | Pretext ka matlab 

Pretext meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Pretext 
Usage of Pretext: 1: Ravi found the pretext of stomachache to give up the History class. 2: Using the Marco Polo Bridge Incident as a pretext 3: Khosrau used the pretext to reconquer the Roman province of Mesopotamia. 4: Under the pretext of reinforcing the Franco-Spanish army occupying Portugal 5: The so-called "dynamite monopoly" became a major pretext for war. 6: David's support for Matilda is used as a pretext for land-grabbing. 7: All revolts were usually pretext for the public good 8: An apparent pretext 9: Give pretext 10: Give pretext
Pretext ki paribhasha : paani ki dhaar jo pathikon ko oopar se paani pilaane men bandh jaati hai .... vaisheshik nyaaya ke anusaar paaanch anumaan vaakyon men doosara abhipraay saadhan ke liye hraday ki baat ko chhipaane ki vratti kisi baat se bachane ya koi matalab nikaalane ke liye apane snbndh men koi jhooth baat kahana

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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