Profane meaning in hindi | Profane ka matlab 

Profane meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Profane 
Usage of Profane: 1: He was found guilty of being a profane person. 2: Hitchcock allowed nudity and profane language 3: Abusing religious matters, treat them with disrespect, contempt, employ them for profane uses 4: Action Unholy whereby sacred things are profane 5: History profane 6: Make use sacred things with profane uses 7: Read such beautiful things to a man understands nothing is profane the 8: SECULAR says again, substantively and absolutely, of Things profane 9: Speech profane 10: substantively, The sacred and the profane
Profane ki paribhasha : vah raajy ya shaasan jahaaan kisi dharm ki mukhyata nahi, sabhi dharmon ka samaan aadar ho jo achchhi dasha men ya kaam ka na rah gaya ho aise chhnd ikkis prakaar ke hote hain

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The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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